Hurren, known as the City of Elders, is the seat of the Council of Five. This gathering of five potent magi comes to meet here once a year. Two of the five maintain their primary residences here, while the other three rarely are seen within the city walls and appear only for their annual meeting. All five are older than any human has the right or the natural ability to be, as the council was founded over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Hurren was a small town built around a stone keep protecting traffic on the Praum River when the Council of Five first started using it as their gathering place. The city itself has grown slowly over the past few hundred years, never really breaking out beyond the old city walls. It sees modest trade with the nearby city-states but maintains neutrality in almost all foreign relations.

The city is broken into 4 neighborhoods plus two concentrations of dwellings outside the walls.

  • Westside – All structures on the west side of the river (which in turn is some times broken down into three areas).
  • GreenGrove – The area centred around the Green (the grove in the north side of the city).
  • Eastside – The old structures on the east side of the river serviced by the two bridges.
  • The Fortress – Still the focus of town affairs, the fortress is on a hill on the northeast side of the city and serves as the gate to and from the north.

Villages in the area include Bexley and Kohona. The fortress of Scarwood Hold lies a day or two’s travel to the south near the famed dwarven mine Ker Daral.


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